Methink? “does any body really care what I think?”

Well may be you know the answer.

Why did I start this blog? Guess I just wanted to release what I feel about people and the social institution and going deeper the things I see that I tend to ignore the other day. And make my self go wild, nuts and crazy in a space that we know that exist but never really know if it does.

I am a lazy person, all I do is think think think and stare at the empty space. So lazy that I have half finished most of my blog posts and never have done any editing and recently I discovered I write only half of what I am suppose to write at exams.. no wonder
I am too lazy to write any more so I stop at this. May be I will write some more when I feel like it. I dunno

30 April 2009

On and off I log here and scribble ( Can we use that word? ) something. Most of the time I think stuff on my way home, office or where ever the hell I go to. I am a chatter box but with few people in general. But recently I found that I like to listen rather than to say ma words on the subjects.

Lazy to write more..later

Revised a little bit : 22 August 2009


5 thoughts on “MeThinks?

  1. yeah, I’ve realized that, as much as I enjoy talking, I like listening more.
    It’s a calming feeling, when the table turns and it’s your turn to listen.
    it somehow feels like you’ve managed to get a point across, in some form or the other.
    And having someone respond in more than monosyllables can feel quite rewarding,
    even if they didn’t get what you’re trying to say, at least some communication took place.

    And it’s also interesting to hear what other people have to say, even if you didn’t initiate the conversation. It always makes you think about things, and inspires you to write a post about it :P

  2. besides with all that talking going on there should be someone to listen to… and glad to be one of those listeners..

  3. i want to add your blogsite, but how do i do so? you have a beautiful mind and id love to read your blogs from time to time. i just came onto wordpress so everything is new to me..

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