One may dream. The dream may come true. See people and wonder why they do what they do. Reality is unrealistic but stories are bound to be realistic.

This is myself trying to figure out how real the they can be. And please note that these stories are not real. Not a personal experience. Just my imagination. And it does run quite wild.

About the SELF

By profession I am a researcher. Into economics and marketing and a nut for social media. Haven’t really figured out what’s ion my blood. I do read a lot, but sadly not enough novels. And never in my life learnt how to write a poem or a short story. Hence what I write here might not make any sense. Only two things left to do in life.


you give up


Die trying..

P.s. I do not blog here much. Actually the blogging frequency is really low. So those who do visit, my apology but I promise to write when ever a creativity bug goes through my head.


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