Million dollar hotel – MeThinks!

I hardly watch movies. Even if I do watch, it would be because I find the story very appealing and/or some friend convinces me. OR I am super bored. And going to the theater, is out of the question.

However, I watched Million Dollar hotel just last week. And I loved it.

Million Dollar hotel is a drama movie, directed by Wim Wenders based on a concept story written by Bono (yup the U2 man) and Nicholas Klein. Jeremy Davies, acted as Tom (Nicknamed TomTom), the narrator of the movie who is in love with Eloise played by Milla Jovovich. Mel Gibson also played a vital part of the movie, as the detective, who also developed a soft spot for Tom.

I will not say much about the story here ,as I noticed that, no one has done so. Yes not even Wikipedia. It has received quite bad reviews and rotten tomatoes has given it a 25% rating.

But for me this movie became one of my favourites. I may even watch it again. Again and again.

Things to take from the movie:
Love makes a fool, a fool no more

Some Tom quotes:
“dumb stuff is what I’ve been doing, when he arrived from Washington”
“what is he, an idiot?” Special Agent Skinner. ‘I remember he picked up on that, fast’

The first time I saw, some parts of the movie, was for Groove Amada – Paris track


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