Text to get away from hex

I go in an office transport after work. When I first started this arrangement I was very snobbish and pretended I have a “Life” other than mingling with my transport-mates. But I grew out of myself and started talking with the girl who sat next me. At first, to be honest, it was because I forgot to charge my iPhone and I couldn’t listen to music and I was (almost) forced to talk to someone. But taking the cue sent to me by the forces of human-interactions I actually thought, ‘what do you know I am sociable than I pretend I am and this person is nice’. Yes she was a nice person, she was one of those who would smile (genuine kind) with anyone and everyone. And I was someone from mentioned ‘anyone’ kind.

But no my story is not about my socializing capabilities, it’s about weird SMS that we generally receive. Today she happen to mention a text that she receieved from a friend of her’s who have received it from another friend and now it’s so mixed up that no one knows who or what is the original source. The text included –

A cancer patient needs your help. Just forward this SMS to 10 contacts of yours and from each SMS 10 cents will be sent to the cancer patients bank account (original text might be different from this but this is the general idea)

So the text was forwarded. Understandable we being human and all, we are quite empathetic when a fellow-being is in need, and prone to do easy custom made donations like this. But what everyone who forwarded the SMS forgot was, how would someone MONITOR all these SMSs and actually send the multiple of 10 cents to the cancer patient’s account?

I too have got the same kind of emails several times. Some times about a human who is need, some kind of cause so on and so forth. All these awareness is wonderful, but I do not know how anyone could count all the emails forwarded and would actually benefit the said patient/cause. In any case I am not accusing people asking for donations with proper bank accounts and I know who I am making the donation to (you have to be smart to identify phonies, sorry not everyone is telling the truth) . But my thing is against these kind of baseless forwardings that crowd my email and text inbox.

How many of you have received emails(SMS) saying that you need to forward this email to a number of people or the (nagging) love of your life will leave you? Or you will lose all your teeth or your true love will come running to you and sing you Ronan Keating’s when you say nothing at all?

And how many of you have actually done that and actually got any results?

Anyways since you read all above and if you leave my blog without making a comment on this post you will be hexed, jinxed and your blog will go blank.

Muhahaha I am evil like that babes.


One thought on “Text to get away from hex

  1. I come from a background where hexes are the norm.
    Your piece is very sweet.
    I understand how the e mail spam can pile up. But the part I love was your interaction with the girl on the train(or whatever) I developed a lovely friendship doing the same thing. Mine started cause she began to cry. She thought she lost her cell Ipod. It was engraved from her BF. We found it together and found a lasting friendship.

    loved this piece

    I like the other posts…you are invited to mine—hehehe

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