Sociology rocks?

This year I am taking sociology as an unit for my exams. Been reading the text books, recommended text, further reading text, wiki text, googled for text. So much of text that it hurts my eyes and I may have to wear specs (irrelevant but it’s reality).

Yesterday I just tried answering the questions that were in back of the book. The first question itself teased my intelligence.

How did Marx see the society?

All the text I have been reading all this while came pouring out, my brain was parroting faster than Lionel Messi (simply the best football player at present) going through the opponent team players making you believe, whoa that guy’s foot and the ball are glued to each other. But nada I was not able to answer. I stayed up till 11.30pm thinking what is the answer, come on Ranz you can do it, think think think your brains out but still the answer was a negative.

Oh dear sir Marx,
please let me know,
How did you see the society?
Was it colorful? Was it Blue
With red strips of hope

Doesn’t matter, tonight I will find the answer. Perhaps I should read the original capitalism

I love sociology I still do because great thinkers like Marx give so much of food for thought.

p.s. So many say my writing is eh.. crap. But I do want to be the greatest write. So I may write here to practice my writing. Bear with me, my dear readers, you know I love ya :)


5 thoughts on “Sociology rocks?

  1. “And while Lenin read a book on Marx,
    The quartet practiced in the park,
    And we sang dirges in the dark
    The day the music died”


  2. I think your writing is fresh and open. No plastic content. It is like reading a letter from a friend.


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