What is love?

” Love because it’s the true adventure!!! ”

Said a Facebook fortune cookie. (I love that application)

First I was like “hmm I am not in love at the moment”

Then I was like “oh wait I am in happy and I feel good. I am in love”

I bemused “I have things as I want and life ain’t that hard”

Then I smiled “Ah I am such a pocketful of sunshine, I think I am in love with the world”

I remembered ” Seriously I am in such a feel good Inc. Like the Gorillaz used to sing”

“What is love?”

You can’t explain it I guess. It comes to you if you are willing to accept it, in any form. And it’s an adventure.


4 thoughts on “What is love?

  1. of course. No one have understood and no one knows what it is. Can have so many interpretations to it and they all can be right and can be wrong.

  2. Love is an adventure, while you may not be in love with a particular person if you are seeking new endeavors in life you could be loving yourself and whatever that brings. In all it’s forms love is an adventure because it takes us places that we may have never gone without it.

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