Why I am losing sleep

I happen to rely on internet to some extent, in my work. Well I work my communication through emails, do research on on-line articles, get info through various websites and that add up to a good amount of my work.

So good connectivity and quality of internet is a must have, but exactly what I don’t have.

40% of my time (not statistically proven, but some where there), I spend on waiting for a website to download, gmail to attach a document, an email to open, a document to get downloaded. So after all that drama I have done only 60% of my job, so I have to take the work home and finish it.

OBVIOUSLY I stay up all night and finish my task.

Who should I blame for this?


3 thoughts on “Why I am losing sleep

  1. Same problem here! If we get better broadband connections in Sri Lanka, we all can add couple more hours to the “most valuable time of our day”; the time that we sleep!

  2. Hey come on, it’s your job to monitor broadband QoS isn’t it? :P LOL, give us 1mbps connections plz SLT!!! *worships*

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