Life..again and again

Life..again and again, originally uploaded by Ranz!.

This is an very old tree. Once it bore fruits, flowers and life. And then it died. Like we always do, the owner of the tree just cut it down.

The tree trunk with it’s beauty gone just stood there. Rain and shine it just stood there. One day a tiny little movement, a tiny little green leaf popped his head out. Looked about saw the wonderful world out there. Breath in the fresh air. Sang a little song in it’s tiny tiny voice. This was heard by his brothers and sisters. Soon all of them popped their heads out. Figured “wow this world is so beautiful, let us all live here”. The mother tree trunk was happy. She kept on giving them nourishment. They all looked beautiful. harmony was in the air.

I happen to walk by this old trunk one day. I heard them sing. Softly dancing in the wind. I am telling you, they all looked beautiful. They were singing about, hope of peace and harmony.

Then I clicked a picture. Uploaded it in flickr. Now writing this blog post.

Then I thought to myself. We are like them. Like those tiny leaves. We are fed by the mother earth. Only difference is we don’t know how to sing. How to sing the “Peace Song”

I guess I am a dreamer and a un-realistic fool.


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