eat eat eat eat eat eaaaaaat

eat eat eat eat eat eaaaaaat , originally uploaded by Rannelee.

When I was in Primary school I thought myself as a good artist. This was my signature “subject”. I always drew a squirrel eating hurriedly. I guess I still like watching how squirrels eat tiny bits of food. Kind of funny and still fascinating.
This fellow comes to our garden. He is not alone there are about five or six members in the pack. They eat all the fruits in the garden and I (or my brother, who is bit mad with me at the moment as I introduced few conditions on using my newly purchase camera) take pictures.

Going back to my memories. I always drew the eating squirrel in this angle. Oh well now i have the real picture.

Eat eat eat eat eat eat all you can


3 thoughts on “eat eat eat eat eat eaaaaaat

  1. This post reminds me of my artistic skills when i was a kid, Now since i have given more priority to other things, i hv no time for drawing :( … hope i could go back in time and be a 5 year old forever.

  2. yeah. When we were kids we used to draw, sing, dance and talk as we are the best. Strangely we were. Sad that as we grow older that wonderful feeling is faded away.

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