To: 16 year old ME

Hello Ranz (16),

Yes you hate when people call you by nick name now, but trust me finally you have to give in. And trust me again you are going to love it. And you will always hang out with someone whose name is bit similar to you and all your colleagues will MOST OF THE TIME call you the other persons name. So my advice to you, don’t worry too much of your name, it’s what you do which makes the difference.

Nothing much to say. Really. You won’t change. You still have those ridiculous dreams of yours and most of the time will make them come true. Oh by the way you are not going to be a pilot. So stop waving at aeroplanes every time you see one. Nah I am kidding you are actually mature than I am now. Or I think not. You are same as you are now. By the way don’t ever get disheartened by your hair. You will do many things to it and it will still grow back. Thank mom for that she is actually right.

And the best part is parents will allow you and your brat of a brother to adopt a dog. And you will name him (Rocky) and he is going to be your tail and try to protect you from all sorts of dangers. He will make sure that no one will wake you till 10.00 AM on Saturday mornings.

Really nothing much to say. You know exactly what to do. And if you think ordinary level is the biggest exam ever, wait till you come here.

And three lines of advise

  • Sleep a lot
  • Excersice a lot
  • READ a LOT
  • Over time you will get into the habit of reading and you are going to love it.

    Got to go, have some studying to do. Seriously Ordinary Level is a piece if cake and you will do a good job.

    Take care of yourslef and I know you will simply because you are me.

    Ranz (24)


    4 thoughts on “To: 16 year old ME

    1. I loved the line “And if you think ordinary level is the biggest exam ever, wait till you come here.” :D

      good advice, nice and sweet! :)

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