i didn’t wash my coffee mug

How many geckos have let out it’s last breath in your coffee mug? How many cockroaches have spent the night in side your “I love coffee” mug? And how many times have you cursed your self for not washing the mug soon after you had your coffee (or tea) the other day? I had quite a few of them. And it wasn’t nice gross and not nice at all. Specially on a half sleeping Monday morning. Thankfully I am not Scared of those tiny creatures and don’t worry I do not use those cups again.

Now let’s get serious.

What I am getting at is the word we all look upon, fear, have our say, worship and still do it. “Procrastination”

Too bad there is no award for procrastination. As I would have topped the list. I am not proud of it. But sometimes the circumstances are such that easiest way is to procrastinate and blame it on the wikipedia definition on procrastination.

How to prevent this. In my few years of experience in mitigating procrastination I have found that writing down your tasks in a piece of paper helps. And then setting deadlines few days before the actual deadline. Not many will agree with me on this. But it has helped me in few places.

And fall in love with what you do. Its hard at first. Specially if you are doing a double qualification exam and there are few subjects that you actually have no intention of using in any point of life. But still try and fall in love with it. Perhaps you will find that putting it off to study is making it worse and starting soon enough is actually makes your life is easy and more fun to live in.

And do it as you get it. Its not easy as it sounds. But its easy once you get use to it.

I am proud to say that I only a half a procrastinator. I still need to finish two assignments due March. I have started it but put it off as the day was too hot. Needed a cool quite place to sit down and write. Which reminds me, where you work really doesn’t make any difference. Put your heart mind and soul into it. And every night you cram your neck to finish the assignment will be a starry starry night.

I have written a poem on that an year ago. Strange I am going through the same phase. But this time I am bit mature. So I am happy and proud of myself.

Okay taking my own word for a change I am going to do something about my assignment as soon as I click “Publish the post” button.


12 thoughts on “i didn’t wash my coffee mug

  1. haha…true indeed man!! I ve been procrastinating cleaning up my desk for ages now…it wont happen soon…but the only solution i know is to keep myself busy all the time. and yeah writting down ur tasks really help! nice post!

  2. Hmmm..Ive left my milk mug two days ago on the dress table. :S

    “And fall in love with what you do. Its hard at first. ” Sigh well I had to do that too when I was doing my teaching qualification now that all is done. YAY!

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