What I want?

A country where the sun rise from east and sets from west. Where the future is secured and there is something that we can look forward to.

The public sector to work as they are suppose to. Them to realise that once time is gone its gone forever. Hence it’s a crime to waste it. That we come to them to get a job done because we know that they have the resources to help us, not because our tax money pay their salary and it’s fair for us to ask you to do it. A public servant is not just a servant but the authority who has the power to make so many things right and we respect them for that. All we want in return is timely delivery of the service.

The politicians to realise that Sri Lankans are quite fed up with all these posters and meaningless accusations and ball passing that they so enthusiastically go on in the media. Perhaps that must be the reason that many of the Sri Lankans didn’t cast their vote last time. And also we would like to hear not about what you have done but what you would do and please “be good” enough to remember what ever you say now and actually do them when you have the power.

For the mass media to realise how much of power they have in their hand and how to use it wisely. For the sake of us who long for true information. Just try and give what’s really out there not a story that you think that would be a best seller.

There are differences in all of us. Our beliefs, colour, religion, race and ext; can be different still we live in this small piece of land still wake up each morning looking forward to another day of hope.


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