and they started talking

Guess what?

Long time a go, when the gods were angry something fell from the sky. Or may be it fell from a tree. Lets call him St Fallen

Then he made chalk to talk.

Talk Chalk

And they are not easy. They come in different colours, different attitudes and like in many cases one guy takes all the crap.

chalk talk

They have enemies
They have competion
They have traitors
They have cool dudes
They are purple
They are gray
They are blue
They even have a pink

They have all those who we meet

The difference is..

They are chalk and they talk and we Laugh our heads off..

Go Go visit Talk Chalk

I am a fan of it.. and you should be one too. Well done St Fallen.

Keep it coming !!!!

P.s. Have a dark blue chalk please :D


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