I have a Camera – Part I

I am a photographer. Not that I don’t have any other choice. May be I had but the solidarity that I was trapped in did not allow me to explore any of the other possibilities out there. My father was a renowned cameraman for a well known state newspaper. He was sometimes too busy capturing colours on to his reels and showing it off to the world who were not lucky enough to see whats out there. Perhaps they were too busy with their lives and trusted people like my father to deliver them in a sheet of paper.
I live in a society like that. Yes, we all are spectators of what’s going around but the interest is so far as the sheet of paper, which we call a “News paper” was bringing us. Eventually I grow up in this society, got myself edified and adopted photography. The smell of the newly printed photos was something that made me close to my father. His Camera’s reels lab and equipments passed on to me. And he did share his knowledge. I faintly listen to it. However not the pursuit he had for the art. I am a photographer. Not by choice but because I was trapped into it.
I am just a photographer. And I was asked to come to her office. To be given a special task. In her office. Take me in as a junior photographer. Should I be worried, happy or disturbed? I was dumbstruck from the moment I heard her voice. Her deep hoarse voice just gives the chills that most of the high class men in this country and those who have black spots laying deep had to think twice before they spoke to her. She was the hyena. She knew where the meat was rotting. Hence they made it a point to avoid her.
I accepted to be there that Monday morning. My mother was happy. She blessed me and it was a blessing coming from my father as well. That’s what she said. And she believed that I will live up to my dead fathers expectations. And she was proud that I got this position however I was skeptical to accept that I got this position not because of any talent that I may posses but my last name had its own stand point.
She was not in office when I got there. The heat was so much that I was sweating and my light blue shirt had spots. The time was half past nine and my future colleagues were settling themselves in. And she was not there still. I waited sitting on a seemingly to be comfortable but a chair that give a painful cry as I try to change position. So eventually I was uncomfortable. Because every time the chair made this sound, the woman with too much make up looks at me and gives a penetrating look.
And I waited. No sign of her. It was ten thirty. Then I saw it. Her white car. Speeding and stopping with a screech in front of the office. The whole office suddenly started to work with so much power that it reminded me of some old advertisement where they showed how bright a light would be just so you got new batteries for the torch. They were all hurrying up and I was dumb struck, of this sudden flip in people. Guess that’s what we are pretenders. We just do what we are supposed to do in front of those who have command and control over us. If not we are those lame lazy jerk. Wasting out lives, wasting time, wasting money wasting moments.
” Ah you are here.. come in..” I looked up but she was not looking at me. I looked at the secretary, the woman with make up rubbed into her face, mouthed that I am suppose to go in. So I went inside. To her office. It was not one of those perfect offices you see in tv. Papers were pilling up dust were resting peaceful on few of them. A lucky bamboo tree was placed on her table. The bamboo tree was inside a long glass filled with clear water. And the roots can be seen. A maze of roots were showing that it have a history of its own. It was watered and cared I suppose.
“I got that bamboo tree from my ex fiancée. You must have read it in news papers. Nothing is safe with these prying journalists” She laughed. I was dumbstruck for the second time. She was dangerously attractive. Her age was brilliantly disguised. “and I am one of them, well what goes around comes around, okay lets get on to business. I have to make myself present public lecture on Fair and Square journalism. She said with smirk in her face.” And you know how to take photographs? so get your stuff ready. My secretary has your name and identity card number. She will get your documents ready. You can come with me NOW.”
I was stupefied. Guess I got my first assignment. Clutched my camera, and got up to follow her as she took off.


10 thoughts on “I have a Camera – Part I

  1. Okay, here goes. You need to work on the grammatical part of writing first and foremost. I won’t comment on spelling, that’s why we have spell check. Putting your thoughts in a logical order will help you produce a more readable story line. Don’t try using 64 dollar words when the ones you are more comfortable with will do just fine. Misusing a word or using an inappropriate word in a sentence will turn the reader off quicker than anything. Editing your copy is very important and if you have someone who you trust to pre-read your story and tell you the truth, that’s a good thing as well. No one ever said writing was easy because it is not. As I am doing here, don’t worry about sentence structure or punctuation in your initial draft, there is time enough for that during editing. That’s why I’m putting all of this in one paragraph. I want to show you that in spite of proper sentence and paragraph structure, one can still get their point across. Don’t give up and good luck. Ed B.

  2. One more thing. Work on your opening sentence. If that isn’t strong enough to capture the readers interest right out of the gate, they won’t go any further. That first sentence, along with the title are the two most important pieces of the writers puzzle. For example:

    “Through the Lens of the Camera”

    Becoming a photographer for me was more preordained rather than destiny. My father was a well known photographer for a large state run newspaper and I was to follow in his footsteps. It wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter. It was simply expected that I do so. Sometimes going along is easier than trying to buck the system. Besides, it made me feel closer to him that way.

    Being a very talented man, my fathers pictures were the way many saw the world. His travels, his photographs of people and places they would never see in person where the way they were able to share the experience. This kept him very busy with not much time left for me and home. I, too, had to live life through his pictures like the other strangers he didn’t know very well.

    Something like that …………………. Ed B.

  3. Hello Ed, Thank you for your comments. I will take it in a positive notes.
    A reason for me to write them online is it enable anyone to criticize and this criticism would help me to improve.
    Thanks you. Will try again.

  4. @purplesocksismine – yeah I wont :). Thanks :)

    @Chavie – Thanks will do. Time is a issue but will manage some how :D

  5. I’m with GG and Chavs. But you took the criticism well. Good on you Melly.:) HUGS

    I liked the history and the connection with the father and the camera.

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