To all the boys I have loved before…

That is not the point here. I am writing this for a good friend whom I met recently. She is in pain and as human as I am, I know how much it hurts to fall out of love. And worse than that forcing you to fall out of love.

There are two ways that love can effect. One, the best, falling IN love. Greatest feeling methinks. It makes you feel invulnerable of all other emotions. Yes you can fight anything even your own feelings. No wonder they say love is blind. You just close all your other senses and give room to love. Yeah Love is pretty big. Its pretty big and pretty selfish takes everything about you. Still Its the best feeling ever. No one can deny that. It is the best feeling and some of us are indeed lucky enough to receive the same from the other half. And some of us don’t.

Then those of us who have met the wrong person, are forced to open our eyes to the dark side. The ugly side. Falling OUT of life. This is even harder, methinks. As love have chased all your other emotions, just so it can take place, all you are left with a body that is painful and nothing inside. The feeling of numbness. The feeling of pain shake away all the sense in you. You are nothing but a puppet. You are controlled by strings that belongs to the past. The strings of memories cuts deep into you and control your bones your arms your legs, lever, eyes, mouth, heart and everything about you. Those strings pulls you back to the past, making it harder to move on, forward. And every second pass by you feel that you are still in love with that person and wonders, may be they feel the same way too. This curiosity kills you inside. Still all left is silence and your heart have stopped the beating that you are so used to. Yes it really does hurt.

Then some of us move on. Realize that its not worth hurting yourself. Besides there are more out there. Waiting to hurt you again or waiting to love you, surely. They are waiting and when the time come right you will meet him/her.

Besides life is a journey. The best part is you can’t sleep off this journey. It makes you do things. Good and bad. Stupid and crazy and once in a while smart things. Then many a time we complain “Wow life is not fair”. But is it? Life is only a base. We make it happen and we make mistakes and learn the best way for us. We learn and specialize. So we met the wrong person. We got thrown and beaten up. Get ourselves Molded and polished so that we fix perfectly and shines brightly for the right one who we are bound to meet (or met). At that moment you realize how all those who I loved before were actually blessing in disguise.

So this is for you… and you know who you are.. :D so smile now it will be all okay.

P.S.There you go my 200th post is dangerously emotional. Who is to be blamed? Or who is to be praised? and no I didn’t have many boyfriends and I read a lot of classic novels… and I do smile a lot.


20 thoughts on “To all the boys I have loved before…

  1. Yes you smile a LOT, and isnt that the best way to get through anything? To smile with your friends? :)

    as for 200 posts, give treat!!!! :D

  2. “Besides life is a journey. The best part is you can’t sleep off this journey. It makes you do things. Good and bad.”

    True. When there are times that you’re really down in life you just have to dust yourself up and move on.

    “so smile now it will be all okay. ” :)

    Congratulations on the 200th post. Want Treat! :D

  3. Congrats on the 200th post. Good to see something positive coming out my efforts. Good luck to ur “coming out of the closet”. :-)

  4. Woow first I would like to congratulate on your 200th post and have to admire your enthusiasm to come this far dear. To be honest this post is very deep and natural, it talks about the raw truths of love which can be hurting and painful and at the same time it enables to show the sweetness of love in a different perspective…. And finally it gives us something to think about……

  5. A year – 200 Posts

    Wow! Congrats Akke, you made it! :D
    You Should arrange a treatment to you readers when you made 250 Posts in end of this year.

    “Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.”
    -P.S. I Love You-

  6. Congrats on the 200th Babe.
    As for love… =(
    I have been in both situations and needless to say they both suck. Not all the time though…probably why we keep doing it anyway =)

  7. Thank you for this. You truly are beautiful. I have no words. I am here crying as I read this. One of your best posts. Which reminds me, CONGRATS on your 200th post. Here’s to 200 more =)

  8. This has been great! Thanks a lot. I read it just in the moment I needed it. Couldn’t stop crying, because I felt like it was written for me.
    Keep on writing like this and we hope to get at least 200 more posts :)

  9. well akki I am not good when it comes to this subject. but I do agree with u conclusion.
    “So this is for you… and you know who you are.. :D so smile now it will be all okay.”

    Love this article akki :)

  10. whoow…i 200th post!!!?? man thats great…i remember you have gone through alotta blog theme changes? well that explains life doesnt it? everything change! anyways all the best…Keep the Blogger spirit high..:D

  11. life is full of love,dnt make dat feeling only with ur boy o gal…… every 1 ho luvs u back,even if they don’t >>>>>love will give u happiness n sadness,end of da day,dat is da only feeling gonna carry ur life >>>>>>>tr is nothing else >>>>>>

    Ranmalee, u gotta great sense>>>>>great work >>>>u r telling some good things 2 this world,so keep on writing n rocking :-)>>>>>

    Missed u in skl days >>>lol>>>>>>>

  12. this is a really nice post I cud see how ur friend wud like it, but u know just to take things out of the box ever wonder how much of hurt and destruction the other parties involved go thru? for example the guy or girl who u fall out of love with? ever wonder how much hurt, pain and suffering they go thru? Imagine loving someone so dearly and one day they come up to and say tht they dont love u any more.. that is why in love every decision taken shud be done with great precaution. the thing tht ppl tend to forget is that love alone is not enough… u cant be together just becos u love someone.. there are other issues tht come to play as well.. no matter how much u or I tell ourselves otherwise.

    Be careful who u love becos some just dont deserve it.

  13. @StillHearts – I believe it is where the friend is the one who gets the bad end of the deal, where the friend is forced to fall out of love.

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