I for a fact do not delete any of my posts. No matter how ridiculous they sound and or the author is not me.

Example : BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. Done by a kid. Un-invited guest writer. Named Jerry. The Jestor. Yes so you had your laugh. Well to be honest I thought it was funny too. Specially because Jester and the crowd think that they are “Soft”. Soft. Really? Well if they say so. I shall not comment on it. And yeah I like cheese and so the cheese will rule the world. And my teeth will turn purple. I knew it. I do not belong here in this earth.

Har Har Har the fun is over. Now lets get emotional

The sad part is, the post happened to get the most number of hits coming from Kottu. Thats really sad. Really sad. That is that all my other posts, done with the intention actually be to be appreciated or in rare occasion critisize and condemned have not done their duty. That is sad. Really sad. Sad that I am unable to give what the possible readers are asking for. And yet seems to be continuing writing this blog. Should I continue?


I never give that laugh. I say Muahahahahaha. So Muhahahahah.

Anyways, I must add that Jerry is quite a gentlemen. He carried my bag (very very very heavy bag) for me, that Saturday. And I owe him for that. Hence I will not kill him for BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. I mean I am human after all.

However will change the category of the previous post. Because its not a “thought” but a “nonsense” and so will this be.

Or how did those guys get to write a post on my blog,

I happen to leave the laptop with them and the moment I went to talk to a friend, they (think fallen was involved) took the liberty to write a post for me.

Why I met them? Must be there in Jerry’s and Fallen’s post on the weekend. Go and read if you are interested.

Besides little bit of nonsense does make a difference. Who said that?


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