Free me!!!

I got up early. Had no work. It was a Saturday. Everybody knows Saturday comes after Friday. Yes “Thank god its Friday” Friday. And now I am awake. Why? Because I actually didn’t have anything better to do. I live alone in this house. My fault, was too quick making a decision to leave home. Thinking that I need my privacy. Yes I got it here, in this four walls of a room, but the disadvantage I lost the free supply of food and free accommodation.

So I got out. From the trap made of four walls. Breathed in and breathed out the cool Saturday air. Very relaxing. Something about this Saturday morning. Even the air seems less intense. The sunlight seems to bounce on the water, of the small pond my land lady had built in the middle of the garden. Well though she calls it a pond and seems to be fond of it, its only a cement basin kept on a cement pillar. “Ah hope you want mind, I just love birds and this pond is for them” She said the day I came here. At first I thought she must be living in a dream. This is Colombo. Where the air is black and men have no time to spare for birds. And as for birds, I didn’t see any of them since I moved in here, that was four days ago.

Suddenly I heard it. Yes a caw. Looked up. Yes a crow was looking right at me. And what more to say. The thing has already built a nest. And seems to be guarding something and seems to be looking at me skeptically. I being the person I am thought its about time the crow to move from my land, which I pay a ridiculous amount, and she can go and build her own nest some where else.

Climbed the tree. Reached the nest. To my astonishment the crow just stayed on her nest. But for my most shocking surprise, I felt a sharp, peck from the back of my head, causing me to fall down upright on the hard soil. Only to notice another crow that was looking massive for a normal crow is about to charge at me. I got up to run, to be pecked by both crows. Covering my head all I could do was duck and run for the love of my head inside the house. Closed the door. Then the windows as one of them was trying to creep in. Sat on the floor. Breathed as fast as I can. And the pain was so much and felt blood rushing out. Well thats it. I shall not back down. Its either them or me. Got hold of my bat and went out. To my dismay, there were more crows. Some of them quenching their thirst from “the pond”. And two were looking at the door as they were expecting me. They saw me. I stared at them and my helpless bat just flew over and my helpless self ran inside and closed the door.

After gathering my thoughts, listened to whats happening outside. They seems to be having a big discussion. I peeped from the small crack in the door. All of them were waiting out side. For me. Me the intruder. Me who pay for this land. Me who wanted to have a good peaceful quite Saturday. What does this means? Yes I am unable to go out. I am actually trapped inside the four walls. Nothing to eat. Nothing to watch. Nothing to read. I was trapped. I was trapped inside because of my quick decision making. And somehow my boss seems to like that about me. How ironic? Well guess I will have to ask my parents to clean my room which they happily use as a store room. Yes I am moving back there. At least the crows love me back at home.


7 thoughts on “Free me!!!

  1. :D I love it. Lively and the story teller is someone I can relate to ;) :D Nice duel between the crows and the story teller. Poor guy!
    Thanks for sharing :D

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