Do you care?

I am deaf am blind
And not able to talk
You just gave me a mind
That’s does not work alone
Alone the road that you define
Alone a road that I was never taught
I stand before you to be judge
With all who are like me
Of our senses
Do you care?
When justice is only written on books


5 thoughts on “Do you care?

  1. You aren’t blind just open your eyes
    Listen harder and hear you will
    Work your mind and try to rise
    Your best friends be your heart and will.
    The road be mine but the choice be yours
    For the path you choose will lead thy way.
    Experience is the greatest teacher
    So learn as you live.
    Am not a judge but an observer
    Let your Conscience be the judge.
    Handicaps is life’s challenge
    While courage be the salvation.

    For those who believe in justice will surely get theirs
    In the highest court of all where only the just be spared.

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