Three colours…

It has being raining all day. Damn this rain. It never understand the importance of the interview. Timothy was quite upset. He was looking forward to get himself this new job. But deep inside. He was happy. Yes one of those happy feelings that is associated with wickedness. He wanted to stay home and work on his art. He has a passion for art. His walls were filled with paintings. He just love abstract painting. It brings out the wicked feeling he has inside. Used maximum of three colours for each painting, because he believed that life is not a rainbow. It was just a colourful world, with three colours power, jealousy and passion. His favourite painting of all his work was the work he did for his best friend. Edward de Avoy. The youngest son of Mayor de Avoy. The owner of a woman that no man will ever stand a chance to look twice and live.

One day Edward came to meet him.

“Machan Timothy, I am getting married to Anna, need you to do me a painting, both me and her”

“Sure man.. We’ll do it this weekend”


She entered the room, all he could see was the three colours. Blue Yellow and Red. Pricking his eyes and losing his senses. Timothy was shaking inside; the heart was beating so fast that he looked at Edward fearing that he could hear the thumping sound rising with every move she made. She was not beautiful. Timothy was not sure what the exact word this creature in front of him must be called. All he could think was she is Blue Yellow and Red.

The picture was of them. Of Edward and this creature of three colours. Edward was holding these three colours. Timothy started to draw. Drew Edward in Yellow. Light yellow, that there were no feelings for anyone but himself. Had everything brought on to him. Made him wear a Blue suit. Dark blue. With a dark tie that has a yellow line running over.

Then Timothy looked at her. Her red dress. The lips. Crimson lips matching what she was making him feel inside. He drew her, took extra effort to make the right red for her lips. Still he didn’t have the right colour.

The painting was done. Edward in pale yellow made Timothy jealous more as he looked. The blue suit just matched the power he was born with. And then her. The creature of three colours smiling at him with her red lips slightly curved around the corners. She was looking at him. As if she was talking something that he never understand.

He gave the painting away. As a wedding gift. Their wedding gift. He gave away his three colours, as the wedding gift.


Now the rain has stopped. He needed money. Paintings were hanging on their own. He never wanted to sell them to those women coming in over protective cars and bargain for a price they half understand and snatch them away. Their only question was, why all the painting has only three main colours. These women half understand that these three colours are the beginning of the world. And he was too tired to answer them.

He stepped outside. Mud puddles in each step he take. Still he has to go for this interview somehow. Must make a living. Must forget about the three colours.


3 thoughts on “Three colours…

  1. woooow superb story ranmalee, All the very best for your future.. hope one day you will publish a book :D

  2. Woow superb story, I really enjoyed reading it. All the very best Ranmalee, Hope one day you will publish a book :D .. cheerz tc

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