Luck is a lady and thats not me

Ice Age 1
Someone forced me to watch it and was immediately fell in love with

Ice Age 2
What more to say fell in love over. Love is blind.

Ice Age 3
Now thats the story. Ice Age 3 came to Sri Lanka and drew me crazy. Yes I am not a teenager definitely not a kid. Still I have this thing for talking animals and where else they show “a bunch of smart asses” is nowhere but in an animated movie. Beside they act pretty good and talk very smart.
Since I do not have a regular life, the mere mission was to convince friends to go ahead and watch the movie. Anyhow by the time I asked MOST OF THEM, (Most is a pretty big number) they have watched and started giving me weired commentaries like

They: “Sid Is dead”
Me : “What? No way…”

They: “Sid breaks his entire body, so almost like dead”
Me : “Okay now shut up or I will break you in two”

They: “The mammoths separates”
Me : “oh..really?”

They: “A human show up in the Ice age”
Me : “In ICE AGE?? get real”

They: “Dino babies are adopted by Sid”
Me : “Ah that is like Sid, my favourite character”

and they drew me mad.

So mission continued. I tried bribing, begging threatning people go for the show. But nope they had better plans for the weekend. (Which in a way showed me..oh crap I really do not have a life I?)

Finally few friends agreed to go. Yup the day was set. I went and got myself registered at the Facebook Fan page for Ice Age 3 and started following Sid in twitter. (Somehow he did not update it ever since :S). No no not yet. My luck is way too much. I broke my leg. Yes and who among us used that phrase “Break a leg” for good luck???

Then I had it enough. Related the whole thing to the “Fox and the Grape wine” story and started hating Ice Age. Went and posted my thoughts in Facebook and vola!!! a long forgotten friend was willing to come for the movie. Plus my office mates were sort of free and agreed to come. First thing in the morning went to the SL Ticket site. Guess what? my luck, the tickets are unavailable. Hence got the number for the movie theater and of cause the number was inactive. And I end up calling various other people, who has what so ever no connection to Liberty but happen to have a similar number as the movie theater. Well now I have the crowd but no tickets.

Enough is enough. Me thought. Why not go there this Sunday and wait in the line and buy the tickets. Hopefully if i am UNLUCKY enough they might have tickets. And if I am really really really UNLUCKY will watch the movie.

NB :This is categorized as “Nonsense” and e do have the right to do nonsense and boast and post about it.


7 thoughts on “Luck is a lady and thats not me

  1. It would have been less complicated if you, like every one else, watched romantic comedy Hiny movies and cried your eyes out ;P

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