Carry me wind carry me…

The wind beneath me
Change thy direction
Forcing me to fly away
Away from you
Easy is not as it say
The unseen silver chain
Pulling me to thee
Not the divine gift
This stupid stupid feeling I hold
Bare I stand in front you
Can’t you see I am blank
Feeling like a fool
Free me from your grip
This grip so tight
For me to fly away
Let the wind carry me away


3 thoughts on “Carry me wind carry me…

  1. Ah! feels like someone is a bit fed up with life and without any freedom. What is ur problem Ran, I can’t quite comprehend.
    Though the unseen silver chain does open up some ideas.

  2. Apologize for my bad english, I deliberate on its a nice vent one’s spleen of your writing. Kind-heartedly I organize faced alot of difficulties in this condition but your article determination definately eschew me in future. Hold responsible You

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