Achived. Happy. Celebration? nope this is not the end

I signed up with NaBloPoMo on the 2 July, and guess what I sort of kept up with the condition. The condition was to write each day, for the entire month. And I was one day behind, blaming it on the Gregorian Calender, the month July has 31 days to go by. Today this post is my 31st post. Am I happy? Yes of cause no matter what I stuck by what I promised myself to do.

The first post was “methinks: on cricket“. I had no idea of cricket. Still I wrote about it because it was the hot subject of the month. Sri Lanka is filled with cricket lovers. The next week was a challenge. Had the office annual trip to Kukuleganga. I couldn’t write at all. Reasons being that I had not time and also the connectivity was really poor. And thereby I missed couple of days. Hence I had to write at least two posts per day.

By the mid of the month, I almost gave up. I had no creativity. That writers block decease got into me. Then again things started to happen around me. I started reading books. Got few good stories in my head. Wrote poetry. I was managed to write few good ones. Methinks. Check the archives here if you are interested

Somehow the final day came. (Check my blog page in NaBloPoMo.) Have written 30 and this is going to go as 31st.

Thank you all for your comments and managing time to checkout what I wrote. For some time thought of going silent. Need a rest I think. Or may be will start writing again from tomorrow. For now I am just content. Glad that I kept to my promise. Guess I am not bad after all.

And Special thanks to Heather for featuring this on her blog


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