Paper boat

Made a boat out of paper
Paper where the news was written
The news was about a young man
Young man who sacrificed his life
To save a old man
The old man was his father
He is the father who promised
A bright future of love and hope
Instead he was greedy,
Greedy for life
A life that money could buy
It’s his life, how he live today
Not this son of his
The son who never saw a world
A world where flowers blossom
A world where dove was the symbol.
The young man sacrificed his life
To save a old man who took away the world from him
An old man who was greedy for power
Killed his own kind.
The young man was the king now
He has no life, but a puppeteer
Of his father, that took his life away.
The young man was dead
His soul is dead, no benevolence
Today he is the king
A king who is dead inside.
This was the head line
Printed in the paper.
In black letters
No colours, just black
The paper I folded, folded and folded
Built the paper boat
The paper boat sliding now
Till it met the end of the stream
Got stuck between rocks of torture
A turmoil that socked the paper
The black letters fading away
Paper boat went underneath
Deep under ground
With the story of
Young man who became the king,
Young man who was dead.


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