Dina woke up from her slumber. The day was hot. Its another weekend. Which means more people in the house. And your privacy is invaded. “Well whats my plan?” She thought, still hung over by yesterdays party, she was not quite up for a energetic day anyways. Still she had to get out. Looked at the clock hung in her room. “Woa its still 7 o’clock” she was surprised. She was suprised because she remembered her mom watching Mid day news. “Gah, I forgot to get new batteries, Well so much for hanging there o-timer, I am not in the mood fix my time, or my life for that matter”
Dina tossed and covered herself with the bed sheet. It was a hot day. She was burning inside. The fan was in its full speed. Turning turning and turning.
“Oh you turner its time you do something else watching you turn on and on make me dizzy”. She laughed.

“Egad whats wrong with me, I am talking to the fan”. Finally with lots of motivational quotes and swearing flying over head she got up.

Looked at herself in the mirror on her way to the bathroom. “Eh.. I seriously need another hair-cut”. She tried to smooth her hair. Still it was too stubborn. Just like her. Never listen to anyone. He used to love her hair. She remembered. It was wild and uncontrollable. She was surprised, because her mom said that with hair like that no body is going to like her. But he loved it. Well at least he said that he liked it. “You are too stubborn” Thats the reason he gave the last day they met. She remembered how stunned she was to listen to those words. But the words were out. They ran through her wild hair and in to her heart.

She looked at her again. Well no more wild hair. She just went and cut it short. Wanted a new look. A new attitude. Now she have one. With lots of hair care products. The hair looks decent. But when she wakes up each morning, the hair looks messy. But after she is all dressed up and ready to go to work, she turns to be quite nicely dressed,neat sophisticated girl. Even she likes that person in the mirror. Everyone loves her.

Dina had a wash. Got dressed to go out. Got her gypsy bag under her bed. Checked her purse. Enough money to go for a drink. Took her mobile phone out. Called Gisha. It took sometime for her to pick up the phone.

“Ello, who is this” Gina sounds sleepy.
“Hi Gi..what’s up?”
“Wha??? who?? whats wrong with you woman?… ”
“What you say? I don’t wanna be at home..shall we go for some shopping..???”
“Shopping?? thought you are broke..besides i am too sleepy ya..”

Gisha, you spoiil sport. “c’mon will you just window shopping.. i will buy you a drink afterwards..will come and pick you too..”

“No.. No .. No.. i am still in my can do.. bye” Click. She kept the phone.

Dina put the phone inside her bag. Didn’t feel like calling up anyone else. Too bad no one is helping her to pass this lazy Saturday off.May be its time for her to go alone for a ride. She was never alone after he left her. She didn’t want to be. She wanted people around her just to make herself forget about him. It was hard to move on. It reminded her advanced level physics class.

“A block weighing 75 kilos is placed on a plank angled at 35 degree. The coefficient of friction between block and plank is 0.25. A force of 50N was given to the block The force is given parallel and towards upward direction of the plank. Now calculate the distance the block will move…”

She failed physics. Never knew what force over powered what force. She was confused all the time. She was confused why everyone wanted to know how far things move. And what force they should apply to stop objects that was moving. She was just too good in chemistry. Then again it was useless too. Because apparently there was no chemistry in her life. That’s what he said “We have no chemistry together..”

Dina sighed. It is hard to move on. Everything reminds me of him. Well enough of this she decided to go out by herself.

She came down stairs. Dad was at home. For a change.

“Dina I am taking your car today”
“what? why?”
“The breaks are not working in my car. And the tires are all used, not enough friction.. Call the mechanic and get it fixed”
“But..but… but I wanted to go out.. promised my friends..can i take your car?”

Dad just took her keys and went out. Damn you friction you just made my day.


5 thoughts on “Friction

  1. @ black rose – forgetting people is so hard :( *hugs*

    @jerry – I liked physics, failed chemistry never was my thing..

  2. Was this the coefficient for static friction or dynamic fiction? Sometimes the force needed to push a person in a rut (A lonely poor soul such as u) and trying to get them to do something is much higher than pulling pulling a normal friend along.
    Nice metaphor with the use of friction lol!
    But literature wise I liked Three Colours better.

  3. both i suppose. She need to move and at the same time stop from what she is becoming of. :) I love physics :) hated chemistry

    Yeah yeah I am lonely :p and thanks again :)

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