When I see ants I think “Chocolate detectors”

I am very optimistic, methinks. And yes I do get hurt occasionally but feels that life is too short to repent and lament over spilled milk. Can’t help it but I just get emotional watching a classic movie and reading those depressing but best seller books. Still when it comes to reality I find it rather boring and nothing is as organized as a Shakespearean drama. In reality I am smiling to myself most of the time.

Friends say that I am full of everything. Too much of laughter. Once in a while listen to them when they need me too. Yes I do shut my mouth here and there. Besides my principle is, two words in, one word out. But I’m struggling to keep up to that. And they are just amazed how quickly I change gears and suddenly dance my head off when I am supposed to be depressed.

One day my table was filled with ants. The first impression was “you tiny beasts how dare you come and invade my space” and then I remembered this short story written by one of great Singhalese novelist Madawela S Rathnayaka named “Kuhumbuwo” (Ants). Where this man sees some ants on his bed and sympathizes and keeps some sugar. Then the number of ants grows and invades his entire bed. Got panicked. What if the same thing happens to me? Inhaled. Then noticed that they are heading in one direction and the path ends at a chocolate bar that I have forgotten months ago. Not bad. Ants are useful. And yes I did throw away the chocolate. It was expired.

Today I slipped and had a foot tissue injury. Painful. Can not step and walk and dance like I used to. Was ordered bed rest. Still at bed but all the time, I was happy and content. Why? I figured that my family, Friends and co-workers really do care about me. Yes with an injury, an injury that is painful enough to make me cry almost (but I never did) I am happy and feeling top of the world.

Yes every ant is a chocolate detector.


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