Liar liar liar
See they who lie around
See they who lie leer at thee
Survival in the jungle law
Denial in human decree
Listen the sweet language
Pass by the mouth of you
Poison the blood
Heart and soul

Liar liar liar
Now you can’t stop
Can you resist it now?
You lay the way
And now can you get away?

Liar liar liar
See how your web of lies
Wreck the life of you
Liar lay now lay
With the soul scarified
See the blood that stream down
The lie once told
Was shaper than knife
Wound not healed.


5 thoughts on “Liar

  1. Nice use of Alliteration and repetition. ‘L’ sounds galore. Remind me of “The Poison Tree” which we did for O/L’s.

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