Almost a short story

She woke up.
Everybody have to get up one day.
So she woke up.
Looked around to gauge what has happened.
Things have changed.
Everything should change.
That was what she believed in.
She wanted to accept this.
This new she.
The new she who did not know what the man upstairs have written.
But she never did believe in the man upstairs.
She believed in a him, because others said so.
Then what? shouldn’t she accept this new her
‘Cause others say that new she is much saner.
She laughed at them when they said
Feelings make you blind
Feelings? “I never had feelings,
I am standing up for what I believe in”
And look at her now.
She went and looked at her now.
She has changed.
The smile that they once loved
Has faded in to few lines on her face.
Her eyes have dried up.
Hair is messed up.
Cloths doesn’t fit her anymore.
Looked at her bed
The bed talked to her
Told her what a terrible night it was.
The pillows were on the ground.
She remembred trowing them
It crashed the lamp shade.
She hated light.
Looked at the window
Flicker of light was trying to come in
Window spreads was blocking them
She didn’t want to open the spreads.
For the new light will heart her eyes.
This new light will fade again
and bring darkness to her life.
“Oh you foolish foolish people
You said that I will be sane
Look at me now ,
All trapped in this dark room
Trapped by the memory that once imagined”
Imagined. Yes it was just an imagination
Nothing more and nothing less
Mere snare that she was trapped
Building a world that does not exist.
They warned her, this is a dangerous game to play.
But she played and got lost. Like it always was she is just a loser.
“Fairy tales does make sense ’cause they end
Reality does not make any sense for there is no end”
She remembered
She smiled.
For the first time she smiled with her
Opened her window to watch the sunrise.
May be its time to accept her once again.

My 24th post for NaBloPoMo


2 thoughts on “Almost a short story

  1. i do not believe but then again not clear of what i believe in. May be cause I do not believe in anything. Nope I am not catholic

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