Hand out to stop the bus

The Latin friend insisted that she must take the Sri Lankan bus. And I finding it quite entertaining decided yes why not. So after the TEDx event (which I stayed for the whole event and forcing my friend to hang around), walked up to Borella junction. I used the underground tunnel to cross and sort of got lost. The best part is, she being the foreigner showed the way around :). Of cause I am the worst person you should ask direction for. So somewhere in the middle of the way, I saw a bus coming. Half full. Looks not so dangerous. Put my hand and got in. With my friend, who has used the bus in Peru constantly, but looking excited that finally she is taking the bus, in Sri Lanka. We couldn’t take any photographs since we didn’t have a place to sit.

Again on the way back we took the bus. There we got a place to sit. And waited for the bus to start. We waited. Waited and waited some more and finally the bus started to move. Only to find ourselves at another bus halt. Where the driver decided to take his nap, for we waited more. Took some pictures though.

Empty bus
Empty bus

The conductor. Waiting till the people to get in. And I suspected he was waiting some one to get dress and get into the bus.



So which one is the god? The one in front or the one facing you???

The god of the bus
The god of the bus

Well according to my friend, in Peru the bus is never stopped for hours like this. People just shout at the driver and it actually moves quite fast. She was surprised that we do not do that. Me being “not so much a bus traveler” didn’t have an answer to that. And then I went on and explained how a bus that designed to accommodate 40 people end up transporting 100 people at a time. And then how ethical some men are when a lady travels in a crowded bus. Well sadly not only here but almost many part of the world some men just have to act as a jerk. Sorry to use the word. But none other will suit. Worst does.

Well it was quite a nice ride. And I do take the bus during weekends. In a way it does feels nice to be inside a dusty bus. All windows open and cuts and curls in narrow roads just to pass another bus. Life is too short hence enjoy a bus ride…


3 thoughts on “Hand out to stop the bus

  1. nope actually I am planning to write a fresh post on it.. :D about it.. not my style but i thought of being a bit different :D

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