Never agree..

Never agree if you don’t believe in it. That is the way I feel. Still I go ahead with certain situations just to make the other person feel better. But what is the end result? I am depressed.Feel caged and over time he/she mis-understands me. I am depressed again. Well we have emotions and they sometimes make us act rationally and most cases irrationally.

Then you see people who shout , holding placards performing a full commotion. They all ask for, protest for and act for one thing. In union. Yet if you ask, some of them may reply by saying “I have no idea, why I am here”. Some participate because they didn’t have anything better to do, because they were paid for, because somebody said so and in rare cases, because the thug in the area asked them to get on a bus and do the little dance in the road. Or may be it is the most common case. Well. When I see these people what rings in my head is “wow how can human with a brain be puppeteers like this?”

How does a one stand up for themselves, and revert saying “No I do not agree with you”, “Its really stupid” “you are not being true t yourself or to anyone else” . Well its easy for you ro disagree with someone you have no affection for. But what if you do? will you tell them “eh thats not true and I disagree”

May be its just me. Me who finds it hard to disagree with people whom I love and respect. And by agreeing with them I hurt myself and eventually everything collapse. However from recently, I have found my voice. I actually get up and say what I feel. It does hurt many.

But lets see how far can I go with new me “Never agree if I don’t believe in”

Ah this is my 20th post for NaBloPoMo


2 thoughts on “Never agree..

  1. yep, it’s always better to be true to yourself and tell them when you disagree…

    but I know what you mean, I end up agreeing to a lot of things I don’t like either, because I don’t want to hurt that person… :(

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