in a cage

If I was striped off
By all that I have
Then I turn to you and ask
For my life back
Will you give me?

I am just too innocent
But you turned the devil in me
Now blame it on me
And made me sit in an iron cage

I broke the rules
Rules made by you
You who wears a black cloak
And write them down in black ink
Wearing a black cloth
So you will not see me cry.

I say”No I never did”
Break rule or break your heart
I was just being human
And now my heart is broken

My heart is broken
Looking at you
You who is of rules
But no heart
What else is to do?
My life is just for rent
And now I do not have money to buy
So I am caged
Caged in an iron cage.
For you to pay my rent
And make me “the human”
As you say that exist
In your text book.


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