Bicycle ride in Kukuleganga

Yes I know that its over a week ago. Was busy and lazy to type.

Kukuleganga resort rents mountain bicycles to its visitors. One bicycle will be 200 LKR (about 1.75 USD).

The time was right after lunch. And I was not in a mood to relax, after a tiresom day of climbing a rock and crossing a suspension bridge. I didn’t want to go back to the room. Sat on a chair waiting the time to pass by so I can convince my friends to go for a swim. Yes I am a pain still they do adore me.

However when someone said that “they rent out bikes” I was the first to sprint out and convince this 16 year old guy and my Peruvian friend to come for a ride. So we got in three bikes and went out to the winding roads of kukuleganga. We cycled up to 2km and the roads were well carpeted and of cause full of mountains. Was tired and decided to return to the resort.

No didn’t forget to take some shots



Winding roads, happy that I am born in Sri Lanka


And of cause met a cow and her calf.. she gave me a look as to warn “do not come near my child”


We returned to Kukuleganga resort, had some water and decided that we should take another route.

And there we entered the land of mystery. Best of Sri Lankan beauty.

It was a small road, more like a pathway going in to a rubber estate. About two meters wide and no concrete. Just red soil. And no sign of human life, at that moment. Just us three rides, mesmerized by this place.

Then we came to a halt where a small stream was flowing and sort of a valley surrounded by mountains. The moment was relaxing. So we clicked away.




me in water



the mountains


my mountain :D
my mountain :D


and the rubber estate


memries gathered, memories written, memories protected. Loving here more each day.


10 thoughts on “Bicycle ride in Kukuleganga

  1. yeah it was really nice.. fauna at its best.. and Rambutan :D
    In Kalutara district. Kukuleganga. hmm I am not good in giving directions..
    you should go.. you will fall for Sri Lanka all over again :D not so far away colombo anyways..

  2. thanks!!!
    Well not sure. I am wobbly when it comes to recognizing places. The rubber estate is the one in front of Kukuleganga resort run by the army.

  3. It’s near Mathugama.
    yeah it’s a great place, with lot of activities to do cricket, tennis, snooker, squash swimming etc. It also has a mini-supermarket.
    hmm may be except food :D . if you are odering chicken fried rice make sure you order chicken seperately coz you’ll hardly find any chicken in the rice.. lol. Actually me and my friends were running out of money we brought so thats the only thing we could afford :) If you have enough in your vallet food is pretty gud too

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