When I am gone..

Heat dust, need to bite them off
Heart beats without skipping a beat
Made it here, this mad world
Floating now just my soul.
Screamed for my rights.
Injustice won at times,
Loved hate learnt the thing line.
Looked up look down,
Dreams had his own way.
Don’t really matter,
As I am floating now.
I left thee who cry your heart,
But when I was next to you,
You never really cared.
Do not cry for me “my love”,
For its not me you cry about,
Your selfish soul afraid, afraid to be alone.
I float high and up,
See a light but hurt my eyes.
Each day that I inhale the air,
A question remained unanswered,
“Will I live today or will I Die?”
Now its answered,
Is it heaven or hell for me?
I just wait
Waiting for someone to judge my life


7 thoughts on “When I am gone..

  1. eh? when did i promise to give you chocolate?
    but on the other hand you have to give us a treat we did contribute for your 3000 comments :P

  2. but you should give. two reasons
    01. I always over estimate you so you will be encouraged.
    02. So that I will not forget the count next time

  3. so Jerry not giving you treat made you contemplate death? :D

    nice post Ran! (as always!) :)

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