I wanna bite someone’s head off

Anger. An Emotion. A powerful emotion that comes to you and leaves nothing with you. Some count to ten, some inhale and exhale and some let is on objects and people around them.

and It varies, from a minor stage of annoyance to a stage where you are able to demolish.

The thing is how does a one get angry? Probably something or somebody is irritating them and may be they are sick and unable to control own self.

And how do you know when some one is angry,

The face gets screwed up
Get blood rushing through face and body
Fist clench
Feet all rooted to the floor
The words that are not from this world are coming from your mouth

A quite little scene performed out there.

And after effects of these are

you lose the people you love
you become a mark of nonsense
people start avoiding you
you are more likely to get a heart attack
you life span reduces
and the hatred that it brings upon might end up as a useless war and over time millions of people end up in IDP camps.

Today, I had to come in the bus to office. I gave the conductor 24 rupees. Because I paid 24 rupees the previous time when I took the bus (this was my second time going to work in the bus). He looked at me, gave the look “where did you come from” and handed me 10 rupees. Yes that’s right its only 14 rupees for the ride. I was furious at the previous guy. Had to bite that man’s head off. Then it occurred to me “woa it was six months ago, and I can’t even remember his face, why in the world am I angry with that man?” .

From that time onwards, I was thinking about anger. And I am not promising to completely erase it off. Cuz I am too human for that. But control, yes. And in a way I still enjoy looking at the angry drivers. So anger can be entertaining too.

My 14th post for NaBloPoMo


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