Pahiyangala – hmmm

The Plan for the last Saturday was to visit Pahiyangala. After breakfast got into the van. The idea was to experience something new and all agreed to use the ferry. There was a bridge still in construction. The time was such that there was a branch fallen from a near by “Rambutan tree” and heaps of Rambutan for all of us. Divine is the word to describe them. So got in to the ferry with the van and below is the image that I captured as I go down.


Then we reached “Yatagampitiya”. In front of us feeling so strong a huge rock awaiting for us to climb. Unfortunatly my phone decided to back down on me and I couldn’t capture any footage on it. So up we went and came to a point where, there was a steep flight of steps made of rock and nice gradually slopped lane. I being the person I am took the stairs. And that was quite an experience as I was gagging for breath at the end of it.

And now I was at the place. The Pahiyangala (Pahiyanlena). Well in historic content, its valued immensely. Its the largest cave in Sri Lanka, named for Fa Hsien and apparently they have found Valuable fossils of the pre-historic man.

Well yes I saw a pit and it was feebly protected by a fence made out of few bamboos and some fosils were displayed. Not protected. But a board saying “Do not touch them” and this was written in singhala.

Then my phone decided to start up again. yeah I used the camera in my phone.

Here is a photo with the cave and the pit.


Saw a small opening from the side of the newly built temple and we went in. Guess it was the cave. Quite dark. musty and smelled of bats. May be 20 feet long. And this lead to the inside on the temple, and inside it, there was a God worshiping shrine and old man asking us to come inside. What can I say I was not impressed.

Another photo of the temple and the cave.(unable to capture the cave opening)


Well I wasn’t that disappointed for climbing many steps as the scenery looking from Pahiyangala was breath taking.



Then was it was the time to head down. And some photos of that



It wasn’t that bad I guess


3 thoughts on “Pahiyangala – hmmm

  1. Great post!

    That scenery from the cave is lovely! Nice capture.

    the cave opening is enormous so I could not capture the entire thing. Think you faced the same issue. :)

    Glad you experienced the ferry too..

  2. Yes it was. But was not too happy about what was going on. Yet the climb up there was unforgettable :D
    Yes yes Ferry was quite the thing too. Sad it was only for a short distance :)

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