i am…

I turned and turned
When he was dancing around me
Felt graceful
But he was making me wild
There now I broke a part of me
Are you happy now?
Damn you wind damn
There you go
Its Thunder thats coming
The noise he makes
And there he show off his shinny Armour
I am not scared
I stand high up
Spread my self more
Damn you wind you made me dance again
Now what is this
Why is she crying
Her tears soaking me
I smell the earth now
The grass and flowers having a bath I see
Come here little bird
Sit on me I will protect you
Ah you too you small man
Aint you the one who wanted to take me down
Its okay I will protect you from her tears
Ah damn you wind damn
I am twisting and I feel I am losing the grip.
They all ran and no one to hold me now.
I fell and kissed the earth.
And tomorrow they will clean the mess I made.
And tomorrow my child will be born.
Wind Sun Rain Earth,
Protect him to take on my name,
I am the Oak tree that once stood by.


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