Across the Sangili Palama

Kirigalpoththa has wriiten about it, to tell the truth we referred, this before going to the place. Very helpful I should mention.

After visiting Pahiyangala (Pahiyanlena) the next stop was a water fall. Where we bought, Hakuru (Jaggery). Well thats another post.

Sangilipalama or the suspension bridge was on our way to Kukuleganga. Its over the River Kalu and the most amazing thing is that this was in deed bridging two districts. Kalutara disctic, where we were standing and the other side was Rathnapura. Nothing more to this as my knowledge on the places and coordination are really poor. I just remember the memories at that moment.

I let the others go, mainly because I wanted to experience the feeling on a “suspension bridge” all by myself.

Then I started walking

first step
first step

I was at the Kalutara end and others have already reached the other end (Rathnapura). Few feet in-front of me was my friend and both of us felt the wobbly-ness of the bridge. Scared. Not for life but about my phone, which I was taking pictures with.

Came to the middle and looked around. The River Kalu was flowing with her majesty. The climate was cool and the wind was breezing with an easy feeling. Looked down. The river flowing underneath and some of the boards in the bridge were missing.




Then we reached the other end. There we got to know that one of my other friends have actually gone though one on the broken boards. Got scared? nah was excited even more

Took a picture of Kalurata end of the Sangilipalama, from Rathnapure.

From Rathnapure
From Rathnapure

since we were getting late to had to rush to the other side. Well that was quite an experience. Then again a whole family was waiting till we finish our saga of photo shooting to cross the bridge

NB : The villagers are actually looking for some party to help them to build the bridge, not just money perhaps to replace the boards. I actually do not have any contacts of them as I heard this during an aftermath talk. Thought of blogging about it. Please give it a thought, those who can do something about it. People actually use it.


7 thoughts on “Across the Sangili Palama

  1. thanks :) it was not that scary though.. exciting.. when you feel the vibration and it started to wobble a bit just make sure that you are holding the iron rope quite tight :).. you will be just fine :)

  2. Yes Sangili palama was quite the happening thing. The funny part is people actually use it in their day to day life. :) Glad if someone can volunteer to re-build it.

    Oh yes i actually went to the Makeliya Falls. Never remembered the name to write on it. My bad. Thanks for that. Really !!!

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