Why I Smiled

Contagious, So they say
Outrageous, So they says
I smiled nothing inside
Smile at him yet nothing decided
Bewilderment says his eyes
Confusion on her mind
With a question in her face
Smile I smile the same again
Never understanding
The tears in my eyes
Not to paint any picture
Nor to write a love story
I smiled at the mystification
Why she is standing next to him
I smiled at the illusion
That once was mine

10th blog post for NaBloPoMo


7 thoughts on “Why I Smiled

  1. niiiice! :D

    loving the new header btw, Ran! :) and missing your tweets too… ;)

  2. :) thanks for both :)

    i am missing twitter too.. but i must do this.. few more hours only… :) hmm

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