this is how I nonsensify

I started twittering somewhere this year, and dare to say I got addicted :S. By addiction I mean once I accidently sent a message meant to a friend of mine, to twitter and it went unnoticed since the amount of other twitts coming up in every ones twitter display. And the day that I got to the wrong bus, and went far away without getting down the bus I was twittering. Practically I had my whole life in twitter and people constantly ask me “eh.. which planet are you from? “. And my answer is “Me a twitt-ling from the planet Twitter”

My friends are amazed on my addiction to twitter, and I need one of them to hold my hand and walk me through as I am so busy twittering every step of the way.

I have developed a nack to respond my twitter-buddies’ twitts and yesterday night I figured, ” egad I am can be really nasty and sarcastic” hence I declared that I shall be AWAY FROM TWITTER FOR ONE WHOLE DAY. Yesterday that is 14 July, 2009 at 22.10 I bid goodbye, posted a link what wikipedia say about GOODBYE. And till this moment I did not twitt. I am losing it, I tell you, losing the grip now. I just have to twitt. But my 2nd voice says “No wait wait hold on to your will power, few more hours and you shall be free to twitter as much as you won’t”

yeah it is hard to stay away from addiction. Did that once for facebook

eh.. why am I keep on getting addicted like this? I know the answer but you can guess anything you want

Cheers and tomorrow I will write a much more meaningful post


7 thoughts on “this is how I nonsensify

  1. Ha ha ha… You stayed out somehow. Great job :D… Waiting for your return :P

  2. it’s ironic but just when I started reading this post my mom started yelling at me and telling me to go off the PC and told me that I’m addicted and that only “pissu” people get hooked onto the internet…

    awkward, yes! :S

    let’s twit tomorrow then? :)

  3. yeah mom’s are angels (really i mean it) and they just love yelling at us.. I am still being yelled by her.. i just give her a hug or give my flashy smile and she gets more annoyed :) but the funny part is she is right most of the time, and even if she is not I just let her be MOM..

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Twitter await my return :D

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