Does every question have an answer?

Yes. Anything becomes a question when there is an answer. Some answers will be “Blowing in the wind” as Bob Dylan said. Some will be in ground buried in the dust from the day. So all you have to do is dig it up. It is hard but you are well paid with an answer to your problem.

Lets take a very basic scenario. In an exam all we get are “questions”. The method is we answer them as we know and how far we have actually studied. But the most correct answer (as per the examiners) do come in few months. But the issue is the answer to this problem was not available to us when we needed. We had to apply what we knew at that moment.

May be, thats what it is all about. We face with question marks. Wondering why she/he do that to you? How in the world people kill each other for no reason or even for a reason? What made me write this blog post? When will I be able to see my family again and go off from this camp? Where do the ants come from?. Yes all these “WH” questions do have answers. Some of these answers can be answered by your own but some need time. May be that why Shakespeare made Viola say

O time! thou must untangle this, not I;
It is too hard a knot for me to untie!

And then patience. Patience, yes the patience that crave for commitment. When things go wrong and you feel there is no answer. All you have to do is count to 10. The answer will pop out. May be you will have to count to ten for million times. During that time you are more relaxed and will be able to think clearly and will figure out “man this is not a crisis at all”

And then what? Then nothing. Not everything we think a question is actually a “question”, because every question has an answer. And if it does not then thats merely a statement.A statement. A Fact.

As humans we take things for granted and take the “WH” and the “?” and create a question, and wonder. Hence questions like

Which came first? the chicken or the egg?

are immortal.

Just live with answers not the questions. And if its too hard for you just marry a question and you be the answer. Every question is meant to be with an answer.

My 9th post for the NaBloPoMo


5 thoughts on “Does every question have an answer?

  1. yep, every question does have an answer. but it might not really make any sense at the time… :)

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