What is knowledge? If I begin by saying “its what we know” will that be controversial or would I get nod of heads. Its intangible but we know that it exist. We read, hear, see and write about it and each second passed the experience that we have on life is knowledge.
I have terrible memory power, but in rare cases I remember certain things when someone raises a question. With application of knowledge it grows more and unlike other economies “knowledge economy” is all about abundance. The best part of knowledge is that no one can stop its movement. Where the demand is the knowledge creeps right in.
The best part, knowledge plays a major role in other economic goods as well. Example “a cake”. We learn about it from a friend who describe it as the most divine food he ever had. So the knowledge about the cake triggers my sense and make me wanna have a bite of that cake. Another example is a mobile phone. Its highly unlikely that you will go ahead and by it from the nearest shop. First you will do some research on the model/brand/type you are interested in. Based on the knowledge of the product you will make a decision.

What else knowledge do? It can leads to innovation. with more knowledge coming in more ideas are generated and innovation gets to play its role. Not only that specializing of a process that we already knows happens due to the knowledge and application of that process.

But sadly methinks with knowledge, comes power and with power we lose the humanism

But still I crave for knowledge

As an appendix. The oxford dictionary define knowledge as

1 information and skills acquired through experience or education.
2 the sum of what is known.
3 awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation: he denied all knowledge of the incident.

My 7th post for NaBloPoMo


5 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. IMO power doesn’t necessarily come with knowledge, but with knowledge you’d be able to understand and maybe control the perils of power? (if that makes any sense!) :)

  2. no power comes in many forms and knowledge is one of them.. :) and they who acquired knowledge knows the power that it brings and they who acquired the correct kind of knowledge will use it where necessary..

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