The Sick Role

One of the best known American Sociologist Talcott Parson (a functionalist) came up with this. A sociological term used to define the rights and obligations by a so called “Sick person” .

So who is a Sick person? Its not only a condition or a fact but a role that is played by any of us in the given scenario.

If you are sick you get rights. You have the right to exempt from the normal social behavior. Thats why many Universities and institutions ask us to provide necessary documents, if we feel that we were unable to perform well, provided that we were genuinely sick. And organizations provide sick leave to its employees and then your mom let you sleep extra. And he or she is not responsible for his or her condition. we get sick without warning we do need a break from the normal ruotine at times like that.

So being sick is all merry and gay eh?

Not really even a sick person have obligations. The main is, the sick person must try his or her level best to recover. That is why he is exempt from normal behavior and mom would make chicken(or vegetable) soup so that you will feel better. And the other obligation is that he or she should help the people who are willing to help them to get better so you must take the medicine the physician prescribe.

Why i thought of righting this? I am having a sever headache and suppose to get medicine, but forgot for the past two days. So hereby i pledge that I will not miss them.

Not also as a sick person but in every role we play we have rights that we demand and also we have obligations that we should full fill. Its easy to ask for the rights but methinks its difficult to fill the obligations.

7th post for NaBloPoMo


2 thoughts on “The Sick Role

  1. :) thanks
    but then again i have a much worse sickness called scatterbrained-ness :)

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