My wish list – Diving in October

Today a friend of mine declared, well think that is the appropriate term, for its something that is going to happen, And yes she declared that she will get a “diving license” before the end of this year. And who jumped up to the idea. Yes me, the one who likes to try out things. I mean what the heck life is too short not to try all the wonderful things out there.

Anyhow our plan is to go Submarine Diving school in Unawatuna , during October, sign up for a short course and obtain the licences. Yes plan is made, approval from parents not taken, still I am quite confident that I will pull this off eventually. As someone said “Try and try someday you will fly”

I am a lover of the sea. Have written about this before. Really glad that she came up with this idea and hopeful that I will actually do this. Beside most part of the world is covered with this blue water and underneath it has the most amazing things methinks. The sea carrying messages in bottle to treasures in capsized pirate ships . Sometimes its rough and sometimes its calm on the surface. Stories were told and lives were lost. Bit no matter what we still look into the sea and dissolve our troubles away.

I am sure I am really going to enjoy the colourfull world under water….

6th for NaBloPoMo


19 thoughts on “My wish list – Diving in October

  1. Ah loved too.. but i haven’t really done it so far.. waiting till October therefore :) thanks :)

  2. Erm…diving in October in Unawatune might be a bit problematic as it’s not the correct season:)….in fact October is pretty shitty for both coasts. December is when it gets decent on the West Coast and January is when it gets better. Check this website out:

    I got licensed in Madiha with a PADI instructor who works out of the Unawatune dive center called Indika Gunawardena, awesome, patient teacher…let me know if you want his contact details.

  3. BTW Scuba diving is absolutely the most amazing experience you can have. I’ve done a lot of things including throwing myself out of a plane, etc, etc…but diving is supremely therapeutic…you won’t regret it!:)

  4. oh October is not good? must check on it.. thanks for that.. and wouldn’t mind the contact details of the instructor..
    and woa you have done sky diving??? thats so cool.. in Sri Lanka? do they have it here?

    and yeah i am sure the sea diving would be divine :)

  5. ya, diving in una is crap in oct. snorkling is nice too – not as great as scuba but you should give it a shot.

    wanna try kitesurfing? haha. if you are daring enough….

  6. eh.. October won’t be good? too bad..
    hey i might try kitesurfing.. looks like fun :D
    thanks about Felician

  7. OK. If the diving near you is not good in October, why don’t you do all of your pool and theory work where you are, and then do your open water part somewhere warm. If you are getting a PADI certificate, then you have 6 months from doing the pool and theory work to do the open water bit. Easy Peasy.
    That is what I did. I live in the UK and got my open water in the Maldives. Beautiful.
    In any event. Once you take up diving, your life will never be the same. You will see amazing things and meet wonderful people. I have written about this on my own blog. Good luck!

  8. @dilsiri thanks for the info

    @Arlene what you said is true we can do that.. and Maldives is a lovely place..
    and yeah awaiting very eagerly to go dive :D

  9. It’s a cool idea. I really love the sea. Hope to go deep diving some day. Having flu in regular breaks (I’m mostly nocturnal) doesn’t help.

    And thanks for the link to Submarine diving.

  10. yes in deed.. just read the comments as well.. N and Dilsiri specially, they have given some contacts as well

  11. hey,

    we are a bunch of thrill seekers who enjoy travel and engage in sport like surfing, diving, cycle, wakeboarding…

    would be great to have more like minded people. lets create a forum. we usually travel every weekend. last week was kayaking and hiking in kithulgala.

    this weekend, either snorkling in trino or kiting in kal.

    would be cool.


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