I am Unique or Common like YOU

We are born as individuals. Such that we have our own feelings own world in which you are in the center and rest of those who we meet are the sub characters. Some play an important role and some minor. Characters, whose lives are shaped up by you and others who are like you.

But still you are the only one who hear your breath and you are the only one who ever listen to the little voice inside. This little voice is a funny thing. He/She has the control over you and actually screams at you when you do something out of the box and more than that something that harm the sanity of your own life. And this same voice always tells you “you are unique” “you are one of a kind”.

But am I really? I think yes. Yes I am one of a kind. I am unique. I have my own world my own way of looking, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling and from those senses analyzing things. Giving my own twist to the tale. So yeah I am unique.

Yes I am unique, like the rest of you. The rest of you who have your own world and rest of you who value your life and I am not reluctant to accept that. Where you are from, What you have done, Why you did this? How you do it all are what you are and how you say that you are. And I am being affected by everything about you. Like the way it effect you and the rest of those who are around you.

And thats just you and me. What about other and them. Yes the are unique in their own sense but at the same time as a whole they are and including you’s and me’s are and bunch of human being trying to live.

So as a whole, am I unique? Yes, but as a whole, I am as common as you are. So common that the world has accepted my presence and treat me well in social institutions.

So yes I am unique and at the same time common like rest of you.

Okay the fourth post for the NaBloPoMo


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