She was seated..

She was seated
As the bus halted in front of her
Splashing mud over her
She remained seated
May be it was not mud for her
But the water that was blessed
Sent by heaven, to calm her,
The burning feeling inside her,
The hunger for food
Need for affection
Those who passes by.

She was seated
On the cement floor
The cement floor that was
Hard and warm
Yes she was not bothered
Its a mere floor that supported her
To stay on a surface
where there was hope but none
Where dreams came true and none

She was seated
Then she saw him
He who sang to earn
He who sang to her, she thought.
A smile came across her face
Sun was shining in a gloomy day
She remained seated
Waiting for him to sing to her.
He sang, to those who were in the bus
To those who never knew the words
To her it was the best voice, the best tune for her life

She was seated
She remained seated
He sang and bowed to none
Got the coins that were thrown
Counted and in they went to his pocket.
He went on to his life
She remained seated
Beat by love, beat by hunger
But with hope
To be seated right here tomorrow.

  • this is a beggar lady near a bus halt, whom I noticed as I was passing by.
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    4 thoughts on “She was seated..

    1. very impressive, depicts a trait of u . ur sympathy to wards others!!! love this poem

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