How to answer a question

Today, I was late to work. Hence ran to where my office couch was suppose to come. No breakfast. But hurried as I did not want to miss the transport. As I was hurrying up and being the “freakista” I was, over heard an elderly lady asking her grand daughter, where her bag was. Interestingly and quite truthfully her respond was “eh.. what bag?” yes of cause the grandma did not specify the type of the bag, and the purpose of the questions. It can be any random bag. Always there are two sides to a story. And this is how grandma must have thought. Her grand daughter was getting ready to go to school. And there is a back-pack that they are suppose to carry. And in this scene she was not carrying her bag but dilly dallying with her kid brother.Was obvious that her grandma was implying the school bag. Well heard the lady advising the young girl on respecting the elders, with the voices fading away I got into the vehicle.
So the train of thoughts kick started.

I have that problem. When people ask me a questions I always interpret it kind of differently. May be because I tend to think that through and find that there are so many “other answers” to the same question.

Sometimes I may answer
as someone might have expected or
answered in a way that they never expected or
never answer at all
or make the situation more complecated

Even the answer it self have different phases

it can be as I expected
never expected
no answer at all, hence the problem still remains
and the best, the answer itself is a problem and things are even more complected.

Prof. Garfinkel ran some breeching experiments with his students. Which was to “bring a conversations to a halt and refusing to take for granted that they knew what the other person was saying” (Garfinkal 1967) According to Garfinkel the idea that there is a shared understanding between partners is a myth.

Well all we do, all we say, all we see makes sense as they fit into our way of observing feeling and thinking….


2 thoughts on “How to answer a question

  1. lol this misinterpretation happens way too much to me way too much between the elders. blame it on the Generation gap

  2. :) i know well for me it happens with many..
    kinda funny when you actually think about it

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