methinks: on cricket

Its a lie if you hear me saying, I hate cricket. Still not perticularlily interested in it. And why am I writing this? because I seriously think that our Cricket team is “the best” in the world and proud of them. Sri Lankan Cricket team does make wonders, though they came near to win two of the world cup series but lost them. Still they were defeated, gracefully. And everybody have ups and downs.

Anyway, I with my colleagues, was trying to explain our Peruvian intern(girl) some Sri Lankan flavours. My friend an “enthusiastic” spectator of cricket, and of cause knows-what-she-is talking about took the initiative, to urge the poor girl to watch the 20-20 world cup finals. Explained how the game was played. She waited a moment. Then respond “Oh thats cricket, I though it was a form of base ball”. Well then we went on and explained what the whole game was about. By “we” I did include myself in there, though I do not get the game at all. I do wanted to be in the cheering team. And comment how some players resemble what we call a “cute guy”
So lets see how much I understand the game. Eleven players in each team. One team throw the ball and try to catch dodge or watch the batsman from the other team hit a six, four, three, two or one. And also the batsman hit the ball making it to fly, or never see the ball creeping through him and the bat and land on the wickets.

There are two types of matches. Test matches that drags for three days and one day matches that finishes in ONE day. Usually its 50 overs for each team (for one day matches) and one over have 6 balls. Now they have introduced 20 over matches, which I wouldn’t mind watching as its more intensive and interesting to begin with. And never can predict what the end would be.

And I know the 111/1 is a bad omen for a team and can’t remember who told me this.

Also I know that your boyfriend would go days without calling you just because “The world series” began. Yes another reason that he is your ex-boyfriend.

And I am proud to say that I am good in playing cricket. And I have played. Some months back we had a cricket tournament (at my former office) I managed to hit two sixes and of cause won the match but lost the series. Still that six made the day as no one knew that I can play so well. Definitely not me.

What in the world urged me to write this?
01. Because its NaBloPoMo
02. And then Dad decided that he wanted to watch this match, that was played sometime back, which, okay in capital WHICH HE HAS NOT SEEN, but seems to know who wins and what made the other team lose.

Or by the way expect random blog posts from me for a month, each day


12 thoughts on “methinks: on cricket

  1. oh maaan, it doesn’t, does it?
    I knew I shouldn’t have written about cricket… :(

  2. Test Cricket is played only for two days. In the case of a possibility of a result, the teams are allowed to extend it to three days. So in a way you are correct.

  3. Test Matches

    Its being played for five days
    Used to be six days, with a rest day in between

    (according to my sources)

  4. @sachintha okay now I am confused :S shouldn’t have written about cricket

    @chavie :S

  5. what????????????? that would have being dead boring..
    glad that people are for “20-20”

  6. Oh that I have to Disagree
    01. Its not such a time waster (my perception about test cricket is:) )
    02. And it really did have an impact on people like “me” , actually to write a blog post on “cricket” and then defend it when people say “bleh” :D

    T20 rocks \m/

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