i dreamt and have no idea why

I have a dream.
And do dreams come true?
That I do not know.
Looking back.
Haven’t I dreamt before?
Did they come true?
Yes they did, methinks
Not sure if thats what I really dreamt of.
So What exactly was the dream about?
Nothing fancy I say.
Unrealistic, the voice inside says.
Falling asleep
Should I dream again?
Will I remember it tomorrow if I dream?
And this tomorrow that I may wake up
How would I know if I would wake up?
Lets hope that I would wake up.
There you go.
Hope just crept in
Alas hope is the twin of dream?
An illusion a voice within me say
Reality is how I define
Dream or hope.
I am going to sleep
Hoping to make my dream a reality.


2 thoughts on “i dreamt and have no idea why

  1. Nice poem, hopeful, asking, searching.
    I have been a big dream-journaler and dreams can be fascinating. Sylvia Browne has a little book in which she explains the five types of dreams. After all the dreams I’d had, it helped me to understand them better. Just thought I’d pass that on.

  2. thanks you.. yes dreaming can be quite an art and from their a past-time..

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