The Blue Whale skeleton @ the museum

Went to the Sri Lanka national museum in Colombo, may be after 18 years. Long time back I remember going there one day. When I was six years old there with my mom and aunt. There were some lecture at the museum at the puppetry, for archeological students (i think, not sure though). I was listening to that half remember what it was about. When the lecturer asked to give a stand-along speech, I went in front and boldly told them the story of “The Lion and the rabbit” which my dad used to tell as the bed time story. Of cause every one liked it. And I beamed. (Man the guts that I had and the life i had)

After 18 years I went there today. A day out with girls from office. Plus few more friends. The museum opened at 9.00am but during week days it opens at 8.30am. We locals, had to pay 25 LKR to get in (roughly 04 USD) and my Peruvian friend had to pay 200 LKR (2 USD). Went inside after going to the canteen (yes there is one) as few of them didn’t have breakfast. (not recommending though)

Also they charge 160LKR to take a camera in. And none of us had anyways. The lady at the counter wanted us to switch off the mobile. So we went inside to photograph what we see, in our memory.

The place is like a mansion and was the idea of Governor at that time (1817) Sir William Henry Gregory. This was built as a museum but considered as the national muesem later on.

First hall gives the overview of the Museum and the history of Sri Lanka, and how to take the tour. Must applaud the HSBC for they had actually done up the first few halls. It was in oder and the story was relating it self. How the “Balangoda manawaya” (one of the homo sapiens ancestors found in Sri Lanka) get on with his life. And How Sri Lankan Kings had their Kingdoms starting from the Anuradhapura to Kandy. What amazed me is evolving of Singhala Lettering style. And of cause the monetary system and jewelery was something we talked about. It was a wonderful experience. And I was proud to say that I have not forgotten my history lessons. Actually was able to explain the reasons why Hindu Gods were part of our history.

“Egad” is the only word I was able to utter when we went to the hall where, our last king’s throne. Majestic and glamor. filled the room.

And so much I learnt. Too bad I didn’t have a camera. Yet rule is a rule I dare not touch the mobile phone.

However the upstairs were not up to the level as downstairs. In there we found a gallery dedicated to our first prime minister D. S. Senananayake. And from there to a gallery where some old paintings were displayed. Obviously not protected well.

The Gallery with Jewelary followed by Weapons did make me go crazy. And sure we had a lot to talk.

Last but not least we came to the “Puppetry Gallery”. And more than that when you looked up, there was the “Sri Lankan Blue Whale’s Skeleton” . The skeleton was placed in the wrong place (Puppetry ??? ) Yet we all were amazed.And aghast by the thought that it being so huge and come to think of it I could stand inside the skeleton and still not reach the spine code of the whale.

By that time we were tired. Yet was glad about the day at the museum. And I promised myself to come back here and actually spend a whole day. By myself most probably.

Sorry no photos, guess you will have to go there and see

and this is the only photo to prove that “i was here” :)

Day at the museum
Day at the museum

NB : the original post had Dudley Senanayake instead of D.S. Senananyake. Hence the first two comments. 28/06/2009


4 thoughts on “The Blue Whale skeleton @ the museum

  1. ahaha… the museum hadnt been there in ages, las time i remember was when i was a kid goin in a school tour… gotta go there soon….

    btw Dudley was our second prime minister….:D

    Thanks for the heads up…

  2. oh my god!!! yes Dudley is his son :S will do the change :) thanks for pointing is out..

    yeah you should go.. real good stuff :) specially the parts done by HSBC

  3. should go again, now that it has been refurbished and all… btw, did you see the gallery where they have the paintings of old Colombo and other cities (done during British times?) :) when I was there, I stayed in that gallery for about an hour looking at the fascinating paintings… ;)

    and did you visit the natural history museum which is just behind the museum on the green path side?

  4. eh.. must have missed it.. aiyoo nope didn’t see :(
    May its the D.S. Senanayake gallery. It had lot of old photos and paintings..

    Yeah you should go.. And actually spend some good hours in it

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