Eh.. i am not a vegan

A lame topic. Do not have something better to write. I need to write apparently. So here goes.
I do not eat Meat, Fish and Egg. But Eat cake that includes eggs. And consume diary products. Then the point is what am I? Vegetarian (Lacto-ovo- vegetarian)? [Source:About.Com Or does it really matters?
I am normal and I like food. Have a tongue that does send signals to the brain about how tasty a dish can be. And I have being eating meat and fish three years ago. The reason I stopped is rather vague even to myself and doesn’t really matters.
Does my family and friends eat meat? Oh yeah and they just love taking me out for dinner. One reason is that no matter where you go, you are treated differently, kinda given prominence and I always chose a vegetarian dish, with which, all the others fell in love. The best part is, none of the meat dishes are even close to the vegetarian dish that I have ordered. And when you are given the menu card, the time spent on deciding what to buy is minimized as there aint many dishes. And you are the very first to place the order and thereby first to receive it, with some royalty.

The hard part is seeing your friends, making such a big deal out of it. Purely because they don’t want to leave me behind and make me starve when they have barbecues. So just to make them better I eat carrots with tomato sauce. And of cause I am not a vegan, for I like cheese and ice cream and not planning to stop them as well.

NB: the reason i wrote this post
Cuz i needed a break
Cuz I needed to write something
Cuz to tell everyone “no i am not a vegan” cheeeeez


4 thoughts on “Eh.. i am not a vegan

  1. lol! niiice! :D

    i honestly believe that what one eats and doesn’t eat should be a purely personal choice and be treated as such… people do make a huge hullabaloo out of it though… hehe :)

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