Tolstoy says…

When he banished doubt, he also banished desire

Found this quate in #1 best seller On Equilibrium, The Six Qualities of the New Humanism by John Ralston Saul

Each morning we wake up with a mystery in hand. And as time pass by the “mystery in hand” unfolds and at sun down the mystery becomes history.
The point is, what if we knew whats going to happen? What if were given guidelines, the script of life? Will the life be as interesting? methinks not.
Each morning we wake up with a desire to live, and we build dreams of better future, an understanding spouse, a family of love and care, comforts and luxury. The dreams may or may not come true, yet we DESIRE them and DOUBT how is it going to be? Life is uncertain, yet the desire to know what is going to happen makes is interesting.
Lets take a scenario where you had to pay your life savings to by an ice cream. Lets imagine that they have only two flavors of ice cream. But you get only one scoop as thats all what your money can buy. Both flavors are equally tasty, and you have not tasted ever before. And the assumption here is that you like ice cream as equal as you love your life. However as life allows you to chose only one flavor, you go ahead and taste one of them. Then comes the DOUBT “what must the other taste like?” which is followed by the DESIRE, the desire which act as a catalyst to motivate you and earn money enough to buy that other flavor.

Guess Tolstoy is correct. Doubt does brings desire. And then gives a purpose to live.


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